Craft Projects for Children

These are examples of various projects created for playtime and habitats for various small toy animals. Brief instructions accompany the images.

Outdoor Teepee


This was inspired by posts on Pinterest and was created from several old flannelette sheets, cut into triangles and sewn together with ribbon at the seams in order to tie the tent fabric to bamboo canes which were simply tied together at the top and stuck into the ground at the base.

Modelling: Desert


Created for a meerkat soft toy, this started out as a cardboard box with holes cut into the upper surface. The box was then covered in papier mache with newspaper padding under the “bridge”. It was then painted using white gesso before surface colour and texture was added with a sponge and scrunched up tissue paper to apply poster paints to the surface. Once this was dry, small rocks, pieces of shell and various lentils/beans/pulses (and even couscous) was attached with PVA glue or by using a hot glue gun in order to create the rocks and sand. Finally desert vegetation was added using dried stalks from bunches of grapes and green felt.

Modelling: Riverbank


This was created in the same way for a otter soft toy! The cardboard box lid was cut and edges covered in papier mache before being painted. Then felt and fabric leaves and flowers were glued the edges, small “pompoms” were attached to make smaller flowers and purple netting was glued to green pipe-cleaners to make the taller purple flowers in the corner. The water was created with tin-foil in the base covered with metallic strands used for gift wrapping. Several large pebbles were added as a finishing touch.

Modelling: Slowpoke’s Garden


This garden was created for a tiny tortoise toy named “Slowpoke”. The plastic box was lined with green felt for grass and tinfoil for the pond. Grey textured material was cut to make the path and the vegetable patch soil is a piece of brown fur fabric. Plants were added using various combinations of felt, fabric, green feathers, green netting, pompoms and flower shaped beads. The flower pots are lids from bottles and yoghurt pouches and the beanstalk is created by hot-gluing sticks together into a plastic lid and using embroidery cotton for the vines. Various types of dried bean were used to create the stones, rocks and pebbles.